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"This is clearly Shadow Entertainment’s best release so far...." 
—AnthroFred, Slasherpool.com

Comments from our Fans!

Survey Question: Dark Walker 2, Yes or No?:
—Marilynn Brown, Brooklyn, NY
Really liked it! Glad to see that the acting was pretty good. I never thought low-budget films HAD to have weak acting. And the setting was perfect for a horror film!! Very good job! 
Survey Question: Dark Walker 2, Yes or No?: Sure!
—Joshua Nelson, Yonkers, NY
I rented Dark Walker at Hollywood video and really enjoyed it. The setting of Hobbs Grove is very creepy, and the cast was great. My favorite character is the sheriff — very funny character and great comedic actor; I laugh every time he says “sitchee-ation.” Dark Walker has a great back story / history to tie in with the main story, and the characters are well-developed. I’m ordering a copy for my movie library and I’d recommend it to all horror movie fans.
—Stephanie Wilkins
Had a chance to watch the movie over the weekend . . . Rented the last of the five copies at Hollywood video. Throughly enjoyed the whole package, especially the extra features!!! The movie was great!
—Karen Murphy, HauntedWorkshop.com
Go Clive and Crew...
—Christine Hawkins, Australia